Fencibles appoint Neil Sykes

Fencibles United AFC are delighted to announce the appointment of Neil Sykes to the position of Men’s First Team Coach for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Neil has been the highly successful Head Coach at Premier League club Three Kings United for the last 4 years and has played at National League level. He is a PE Teacher and manages the football program at Avondale College.

Chairman Paul Burns put the challenge to Director of Football, Roger Wilkinson and Vice Chairman, Justin Green to recruit a Coach that can deliver in multiple key areas and build on the unbeaten, league winning 2017 season. Neil brings a proven track record of high level coaching and genuinely wants to be part of the positive, respectful environment that has been a focus for the club over the last few years.

He is well aware of the talent across the wider club and in particular the league winning Men’s Reserves and dominant 17th Metro team.

Daniel Rattray will leave the job feeling very satisfied with what he achieved over 3 years and thank you to him for all the hard work.

This was first published on Fencibles United’s official Facebook page and can be viewed here