Lotto NRFL Golden Boot Update

The Lotto NRFL season is well underway and here is the Golden Boot update courtesy of the official Match Information Sheets collated since the start of the winter season.

The statistics are up to date as of Monday 8 May, 2017.

Own goals are not listed.

Lotto NRFL Premier Division

Dylan Stansfield (East Coast Bays) 7
Allan Pearce (Three Kings United) 7
Andrew Milne (Onehunga Sports) 7
Derek Tieku (Eastern Suburbs) 6
Rossi Nkoy (Birkenhead United) 6
Armin Pasajic (Central United) 5
Ethan Galbraith (Birkenhead United) 5
David Brown (Forrest Hill Milford) 5
Rory Turner (Waitakere City) 5
Dylan Burns (Glenfield Rovers) 4
Sean Lovemore (Onehunga Sports) 4
Liam Anderson (East Coast Bays) 4
Judd Baker (East Coast Bays) 4
Fabien Kurimata (Onehunga Sports) 4
Ross Haviland (Onehunga Sports) 4
Tom Boss (Onehunga Sports) 4
Kris Carpenter (Glenfield Rovers) 3
Harry Redwood (Eastern Suburbs) 3
Nick Hindson (Bay Olympic) 3
Tom Mosquera (Glenfield Rovers) 3
Alex Feneridis (Glenfield Rovers) 3
Dylan Manickum (Waitakere City) 3
Jama Boss (Hamilton Wanderers) 3
Jack Salter (Birkenhead United) 3

Lotto NRFL First Division

Marc Evans (Melville United) 15
Ross Langworthy (North Shore United) 12
Daniel Cyra (Hibiscus Coast) 8
Adam Dickinson (Western Springs) 8
George Debenham (Western Springs) 7
Ashley Ngadela (North Shore United) 7
Shane Tanner (Waitemata) 7
Stafford Dowling (Melville United) 6
Andre Estay (Manukau City) 6
Colm Kenny (Tauranga City United) 5
Leo Berlim (Manukau City) 5
Jon Burns (Hibiscus Coast) 5
Eric Seekie (Melville United) 5
Scott Sellar (Western Springs) 5
Mark Withers (Oratia United) 5
Dave Fahy (North Shore United) 5
Marc Lindsay (Franklin United) 4
Julian Stevenson (Hibiscus Coast) 4
Ryan Rust (Waitemata) 4
Anthony Lockton (Oratia) 4

Lotto NRFL Second Division

Sanni Issa (Mangere United) 12
Sean Latimer (Fencibles United) 11
Mitch Miller (Ngongotaha) 10
N’daye Bulumba (Fencibles United) 9
Mark Ruddell (Northland FC) 7
Scott Booker (Fencibles United) 7
Rhys Caples (Te Atatu) 7
Steve Schimmel (Northland) 7
Jordan Rudman (Northland FC) 6
Carl Bickerton (Onehunga Mangere) 5
Hamish Comber (Claudelands Rovers) 5
Keagan Brophy (Albany United) 4
Emiliano Candia (Waiheke United) 4
Cole Devenport (Papatoetoe) 4
Apisai Smith (Papakura City) 4
Thomson Nkoy (Takapuna) 4
Heldrado Guana (Waiheke United) 4
Mene Fakasega (Te Atatu) 3
Prashil Kumar (Mangere United) 3
Chris Gage (Te Atatu) 3
Dean Shaw (Claudelands Rovers) 3
Connor Taylor (Takapuna) 3
Matt Du Toit (Takapuna) 3
Sandip Raj Singh (Mangere United) 3
Rinal Prasad (Mangere United) 3
Jack Hadfield (Albany United) 3

Lotto NRFL Women’s Premier Division

Aimee Phillips (Eastern Suburbs) 10
Hannah Blake (Three Kings United) 6
Sam Tawharu (Forrest Hill Milford) 6
Katie Rood (Glenfield Rovers) 5
Tayla O’Brien (Eastern Suburbs) 4
Grace Jale (Eastern Suburbs) 4
Jacqui Hand (Eastern Suburbs) 4
Deven Jackson (Three Kings United) 3
Ella Golding (Claudelands Rovers) 3
Sophie Stewart Hobbs (Claudelands Rovers) 3
Cara Lonergan (Norwest United) 3
Lauren Mathis (Western Springs) 3

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