TKU Take Pride in Player Attitude

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After losing their opening three matches, with what is described to be a shaky start to the season, a change in attitude sparked inside the TKU camp, leaving the side flying high on a seven match unbeaten streak in the Lotto NRFL Women’s Premier Division. 

Three Kings United head coach, Alan Hindson reflects on the importance of his players attitudes on achieving good results this season and bouncing back from the poor start to the season.

“I went right through the team list from last year and checked what was different and what were we doing differently, the first thing I noticed was, I was doing the same thing as last season and I came up with nothing new” Hindson said.

“After talking with the girls and figuring out how to change things, what I got from the investigation was the attitude that the girls had on the back of their minds wasn’t the same and we had to do something about that.”

“Once we sorted that out, we started winning games.”

This weekend, Three Kings United take on Claudelands Rovers, who’ve yet to win a game all season.

The last time these two sides met, TKU ran away with the points after solidifying a crucial 3-0 victory over Claudelands.

“We were playing alright, but we kept giving the ball away” TKU coach, Alan Hindson said.

“We found it difficult at times, but once we got a rhythm going, we were able to put in a result and come away with the win.”

“You don’t need to play a good side to stop you from playing your game, you basically need to play a team that doesn’t want to lose and that’s how Claudelands play, they’re very challenging to break down.”

This time out, Hindson is preparing his players mentally for the clash against Claudelands the second time round, which is set to take place at Galloway Park on Sunday.

“You need to play with a professional attitude, we can’t look down on Claudelands as a side, we need to respect them and that’s the only we will get a result.”

“Considering we’re going to miss a few players for this weekend, we need to be on our game and go in with the right attitude and whether we can do that or not, I know my girls will fight for it.”

TKU will be without skipper, Rebecca Burrows this weekend, who’s been an influential part of the their midfield.

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“She’s a quality player, since she took over as captain, we haven’t lost and we’ve been on that seven game unbeaten streak” Hindson said.

“She [Rebecca] often comes up to me and says she doesn’t know if she is a good captain and all I tell her is, ‘you don’t need to say anything, all you need to do is lead from the front’ and that’s what she does on the pitch and the girls respect her for it.”

The match is scheduled to kick off at 1pm at Galloway Park.

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